A small push towards making T-shirts from a friends mother around the age of 18 has now lead, 10 years down the track, to what is now Killer Merch Screen Printing today. Starting from running and printing my own clothing labels and funding them by screen printing band merch on the side. Screen printing soon took over the clothing labels and became a full time business. 

Established in 2011, Killer Merch has travelled extensively down the road to becoming a desired screen printer, not only for Melbourne, but Australia today.  Located in the heart of one of Melbourne’s most exciting art and music scenes, Brunswick, gives Killer Merch that extra understanding of their clients others can’t offer.

Specialising in High Detail, Tattoo Art, Clothing Labels and Band Merchandising, Killer Merch prides itself on detail, quality hand printing and outstanding service.

You name it, we can print it.

The Killer Merch team has grown over the years and we now have an in-house graphic designer as well as our very own machinist to customise your products in all areas such as patching and relabelling through to the very design itself.

The Killer Merch Collection offers all these services into our very own clothing.  We’ve worked with some incredible artists to provide you with quality garments that showcase the design to the tiny details that you can only get with a hand printed product.



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